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National Association of REALTORS® Announces Partnership with Rental Beast

Rental Beast
July 14, 2022

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) announced Rental Beast as its exclusive recommended software provider to REALTORS®, REALTOR® Associations, and Multiple Listings Services. Additionally, Rental Beast has joined SentriLock, FedEx, DocuSign, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and other companies as a partner in the NAR Realtor® Benefits program.

Rental Beast’s partnership with NAR not only provides an effective endorsement of the Rental Beast platform but also acknowledges that Realtors® are increasingly relying on rental transactions as a source of income and business growth. In today’s low-inventory/high-demand market, rentals are a larger part of the picture for consumers. This partnership arms NAR members with the education and tools necessary to service and monetize the rental market:

“While the assortment of rental software providers has grown in recent years – especially among tenant screening software solutions – Rental Beast is the only solution designed to support REALTORS® with every step of the rental transaction. In addition to application and tenant screening, they have a massive database of residential rental properties, a thoughtfully-designed integration with MLS platforms, and systems to aid REALTORS® as they help renters navigate the transition from renter to buyer,” said Rhonny Barragan, NAR’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “Their agent-focus and extensive rental portfolio also make Rental Beast attractive when it comes to rental services for REALTORS®, which is particularly important at a time when renter household growth is on the upswing.”

Read NAR’s announcement here: National Association of Realtors® Announces Partnership with Rental Beast

Rental Beast
Rental Beast is an end-to-end SaaS platform empowering real estate professionals with powerful productivity tools and the nation's most comprehensive database of nearly ten million rental properties not found on any MLS. Utilizing a seamless and secure integration, participating MLSs capture thousands of properties that are normally off-MLS inventory, and leverage essential search, data ingestion, and maintenance systems needed to help member agents capture their share of $12 billion in annual leasing commissions.

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